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Wild Mind Exploration

Welcome to my little world. My world of solitude, calm, contemplation and COLOURS!

As they say, a journey becomes memorable not because of the destination but the path that we take. During the expedition, every step present us with a choice - to go easy/to go tough, to take a shortcut/a longer route, to continue the quest/abandon it, to belittle/elevate a fellow voyager, etc. What we chose shapes our life, our being and our world. Even the very cognizance of the prior statement is attributed to the course of the journey.

I took up painting full-time few years back with no clue of what to expect during the journey. So far, it has been nothing less than an adventure. I call it an adventure not because I am the trending artist on Instagram but because I stumbled upon self discovery. This adventure is what my practice of art is all about - MY WILD MIND EXPLORATION.

According to Oriental teachings, Wild Mind is the remote and obscure part of our mind that is akin to wilderness. Wilderness, an embodiment of nature untouched by vile forces, presents the perfect balance in which nature works and exists. Wild Mind is the state of mind that is calm, joyous and carries in itself the ever expanding cosmos!

Art transports to you to a world full of miracles. A world where you CAN BE what you WANT TO BE. A world that lets you understand yourself as you progress through it. And there in some blissful moments, you sync with the sacred rhythm of nature. These are the moments when you can peek into your Wild Mind. These are the moments when you become aware of what you are. These fleeting moments reveal broader perspective and compassion. These are the few moments that help you become a better human.

Nature inspires me...sounds very clichéd. But what else is there to be inspired by?! I do not see anything that is not nature around me. To me, everything that I am surrounded by is nature in either pure or manipulated form. And so, all my works are an ode to nature. It is THE perfect companion to tread through my Wild Mind!

Come, be a part of my journey :)

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